Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers


Accounting Services

As an entrepreneur in Tbilisi, you can rest assured that our professional accounting services provide the credibility you need to navigate the complexities of declaration filings and invoicing. Our tailored services cater to the needs of various entities, from individual entrepreneurs to limited liability companies and even remote businesses. With our competent accounting professionals, you can focus on growing your business without getting bogged down in paperwork and financial details.

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Financial and Tax Services

Annual Financial Reporting for all Types of Legal Entities

According to Georgian accounting regulations, all entities are legally required to submit their financial statements to the Regulatory Body by October 1st. Companies are divided into four categories based on their size, annual income, and number of employees. The reporting process is also divided into four categories, with only the first and second categories required to have their financial statements audited. Failure to comply with reporting requirements may result in penalties for entities. Our services include the preparation and filing of financial statements, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flows, and notes, as well as primary consultations related to the reporting process.

From 1500 GEL

Annual and Quarterly Statistics Reporting for all types of entities

Businesses in Georgia must comply with the Law of Georgia on Official Statistics by submitting either annual or quarterly reports to the National Statistics Office. Timely compliance is necessary to avoid penalties, and deadlines for quarterly and annual reports are the 25th day of the subsequent month and April 25th of the ensuing year, respectively. Meeting these obligations ensures the smooth operation of businesses. Filing appropriate forms on the National Statistic Office portal.

From 150 GEL

Property Tax Declaration for Physical Person

In accordance with the Law of Georgia on Taxation, individuals and households whose collective annual earnings surpass 40,000 GEL are obligated to submit tax returns to the Revenue Service, disclosing their holdings in real estate, vehicles, yachts, land, and other assets. The value of all assets, excluding land, must be reported in value, while land should be declared in terms of square meters. The deadline for submission of this tax return is November 1st, with payment due by November 15th. 

From 150 GEL

Accounting Restoration

It is common for rapidly growing companies to require a change in accounting software as their old systems may no longer meet the challenges of their evolving business processes. Migrating to newer and more modern software can assist businesses in scaling and adapting to new challenges. Our range of accounting software migration services includes data transfer, transaction restoration, error correction, tax return preparation, and financial report preparation. When accounting data is missing in accounting software, we can assist companies in restoring all transactions in their accounting software. This can enable companies to operate continuously without errors, monitor their operations in real-time, and make timely and accurate decisions.

From 200 GEL per reporting month

Financial and Tax Consultation

Acquiring a tax consultation from a qualified professional has the potential to optimize tax liability and result in substantial cost savings. Consistent consultations regarding taxation during the planning and execution of your business operations can facilitate informed decision-making and prevent irreversible and expensive errors. The provision of a tax consultation typically encompasses guidance on business structuring, identification of optimal taxation regimes, and the implementation of strategies aimed at minimizing tax expenses.

Price - 300 GEL per hour