Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Legal Services In Georgia

Legal Services In Georgia

Legal Services In Georgia: Legal matters are an important aspect of both personal and business life that can arise unexpectedly and require prompt resolution. Seeking assistance from professionals who can provide expert guidance and safeguard your interests is crucial in such situations.

Our company is a team of experienced lawyers ready to provide you with a full range of legal services. We provide consultations on legal issues, assist in document preparation, and also represent clients in court. Our main goal is to protect the rights and interests of our clients, as well as ensure them maximum legal protection.

Charged per hour – 260 Georgian lari (VAT whenever applicable)

Consultation with Lawyer:

We provide various consultation options to our clients, including online and in-person meetings, as well as written consultations. The cost of written consultations is based on the number of questions and the amount of time needed to provide a response. Our goal is to offer flexible and affordable legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

Labour Law

We specialize in providing comprehensive labour law services to businesses of all sizes, including consultations on employment contracts, workplace policies, and dispute resolution.

– Legal advice to avoid labour disputes;

– Preparation of employment contracts (change, suspension, termination, collective agreements);

– Representation in court.

Corporate law

We offer expert advice and representation for legal matters concerning corporate law, such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

– Preparation and registration of constituent documents of all forms of a legal entity;

– Consulting on the management of the entity’s authorized user page; 

– Preparation and registration of company corporate changes;

– Merger/separation/reorganization;

– Consultations, representation at partners general meeting, negotiations.

Tax Optimization

We provide tax optimization services to help our clients minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their financial efficiency.

– Consultation and legal analysis of tax optimization; 

– Georgian tax residency for natural persons; 

– Assignment of virtual zone status;

– Assignment of the status of an international company.

Protection of Personal Information

Our lawyers can help your company In implementing and applying rules of personal data protection policies. Compliance with the official regulations on personal data usage is crucial for all organizational aspects. 

– Development of a personal data processing policy;

– Formation of internal rules on personal data processing and transfer;

– Bringing video surveillance into compliance with the law.

Legal Support on Investment Projects

Legal support on investment projects is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and mitigate potential risks.

– Preparation of an investment agreement;

– Minimization of possible risks;

– Due diligence of investment object;

– Preparation of legal opinions on legal issues related to investment.

Intellectual Property

Legal assistance in intellectual property rights is essential for businesses to protect their inventions, trademarks, and copyrights, and to navigate complex legal frameworks to maximize their value and minimize infringement risks.

– Preparation of copyright, licensing and franchising agreements;

– Protection of rights in administrative bodies and in court; 

– Trademark registration.

Administrative Law

Our firm offers comprehensive legal services in administrative law, providing businesses with expert guidance and representation in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and protecting their interests.

– Preparation of an administrative statement and complaint;

– Representation in administrative institutions;

– Advocacy in cases of administrative misconduct;

– Preparation of an administrative claim and a counterclaim;

– Representation in Courts.

Banking and Finance

Our legal services are specifically tailored to the banking and finance industry, and we offer businesses expert advice and representation to financial institutions in achieving their objectives and effectively managing risks. Additionally, we provide legal opinions on transactions in this field.

– Registration of a financial organization / obtaining a license;

– Legal services on corporate legal issues, taking into account banking/financial regulation;

– Preparation of legal opinions on transactions.