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Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Residence Permit in Georgia

Residence Permit In Georgia

What benefits offers the residence permit in Georgia:

– family reunification;
– the possibility of applying for a Schengen visa;
– the possibility of permanent residence permit in Georgia;
– simplified banking procedures;

There are several grounds for a residence permit:

– Employment residence permit (for those who are employed in a Georgian company or own a business in Georgia);
– Residence permit based on property ownership;
– Residence permit for family reunification;
– Other types of residence permits (including study residence permit).

State fees in the House of Justice:

10 days of application consideration – 600 GEL;
20 days of consideration of the application – 450 GEL;
30 days of consideration of the application – 300 GEL.


Service Packages

Residence Permit based on employment

The service includes:

Residence Permit for family reunification

The service includes:

FAQ's About - "Residence Permits in Georgia"

The work residence permit is one of the most sought-after benefits that Georgia offers to small and medium-sized business representatives. There are different grounds for obtaining legal residency status in Georgia, the most popular of which is employment and legal income. The key factor in this regard is the annual turnover. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for work residence permits when their annual turnover reaches 50,000 Georgian lari per person.

If you have an IE registered in Georgia and have already reached the threshold amount and declared it to the Revenue Services of Georgia, you have every reason to apply for a work residence permit in Georgia.

A legal entity registered in Georgia can provide the basis for applying for a residence permit based on your employment status. To obtain a work residence permit as a foreign citizen, the company must have an annual income of at least 50,000 Georgian Lari per employed foreigner. If the company has not reached the specified turnover necessary per non-resident, you do not have the right to apply for a residence permit at this moment.

An individual who has already applied for the residence permit and is only awaiting an answer is not obligated to stay in Georgia. Even though it is not considered a vicious violation, we advise you not to leave the country until you get a response from the National Agency of the Public Registry.

Once your child receives a student residence permit, the parents also have the opportunity to apply for a residence permit based on family reunification.

The initial step is to check rather the academic institution your child enrolled in is officially accredited – it is the main criterion for a residence permit obtainment.

The role of the guarantor is given to a parent if a child is underage. Having said that, the parent must show an annual living wage for both – the child and him/herself.

Recalling, the annual minimum living wage in Georgia is now about 16 thousand Georgian lari.

It is noteworthy that from 2024, accreditation for kindergartens will be introduced. From next year, it will be possible to apply for a residence permit based on preschool institutions.

It is not prohibited for both parents to apply simultaneously for a family reunification resident permit, based on their child’s student residence permit. Please bear in mind, in this case, each parent has to have a minimum living wage amount on their account.

A Georgian registration address is also the registration of a citizen in a residential area. The rental agreement is not suitable here, registration is required.