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Unlocking the Secrets of Georgian Citizenship: A Comprehensive Manual on the Eligibility and Application Procedures


Georgian citizenship refers to an individual’s legal affiliation with the country, which has emerged as the most demanding topic of discussion. Many individuals are eager to reclaim their Georgian citizenship or acquire it for various compelling reasons. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the available methods for obtaining Georgian citizenship.

There are two primary ways to obtain Georgian citizenship:

a) By birth

b) By naturalisation

Naturalization Encompasses four Additional Categories:

a) Standard naturalisation

b) Simplified naturalisation

c) Exceptional naturalisation

d) Restoration of Georgian citizenship.

Let’s begin by examining the process of obtaining citizenship through birth.

The acquisition of citizenship through birth is a fascinating process that warrants closer examination. It is noteworthy that if a child is born to at least one parent who is a Georgian citizen, they are automatically entitled to Georgian citizenship. This provision serves as a testament to the importance placed on familial ties and the preservation of national identity. Such a policy reflects the deep-rooted values and beliefs of the Georgian people, which are grounded in a strong sense of community and belonging.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that adolescents with unidentifiable parents are also deemed Georgian citizens, provided they reside within the country’s borders.

However, while birthright citizenship is undoubtedly significant, our readers and clients are primarily concerned with naturalization and the various options available to them. As such, we will focus our attention on this aspect of citizenship acquisition.

First, let’s touch on the usual procedure for obtaining a Georgian passport for adults.

Before delving into the various options for naturalization, it is important to first understand the standard procedure for acquiring Georgian citizenship as an adult. This process entails meeting several requirements, including maintaining continuous legal residency within the country for at least 10 years before submitting a citizenship application. Additionally, proficiency in the state language of Georgia, as well as a fundamental understanding of the country’s history and legal system, is also required. Finally, individuals seeking citizenship must demonstrate a significant connection to the country through either employment, property ownership, or investment in a Georgian enterprise. These prerequisites serve as a means of ensuring that those who obtain citizenship possess a deep understanding and commitment to the Georgian nation and its values.

As for adolescents 

If an adolescent is not born with Georgian citizenship, they can still obtain it through the regular process if one of their parents is a citizen of Georgia or if they are adopted by Georgian citizens.

Granting Georgian citizenship in a simplified manner

Persons married to Georgian citizens who have continuously resided in Georgia for 5 years before the date of applying for citizenship are granted a simplified procedure if they pass an exam in Georgian language, history and law.

Granting Georgian citizenship on an exceptional basis

The process of granting Georgian citizenship on an exceptional basis involves a thorough evaluation of each case, with the final decision resting with the President of Georgia based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice. It’s worth noting that obtaining Georgian citizenship doesn’t automatically confer voting or public office rights, which must be obtained through separate electoral and political processes.

To be eligible for exceptional citizenship, a foreign citizen must have rendered special services to Georgia or be of state interest. Factors such as a foreign citizen’s connection to Georgia, including ancestral ties, residency in occupied territories or forced displacement from them, and reasons for emigration from Georgia, such as political or socio-economic circumstances, are taken into account when assessing state interests.

Additionally, exceptional citizenship may be granted to foreign citizens who have invested in Georgia and contributed significantly to the state’s economic development. Success in sports, science, or art with continued involvement in Georgia is another reason for eligibility. All applicants must pass an exam in Georgian language, law, and history.

Granting Georgian citizenship by way of restoration

Georgian citizenship by way of restoration is a legal process that allows individuals whose citizenship was unlawfully terminated to regain their status as Georgian citizens. This option is available to those who had previously renounced their Georgian citizenship or were subject to termination of citizenship due to the choice of their parents upon reaching the age of majority. To be eligible for this process, applicants must pass an exam on their knowledge of the Georgian language, history, and law.

In the event that a Georgian citizen acquires foreign citizenship, they may retain their Georgian citizenship with the consent of the state. The decision to grant consent is based on the individual’s convincing connection to Georgia. It is important to note that failure to apply for retention of Georgian citizenship before turning 18 years old will result in termination of citizenship. In such cases, retention of Georgian citizenship can be permitted through an application submitted by the adolescent’s parents or legal representatives.

To initiate the process of obtaining or retaining Georgian citizenship, interested individuals can submit an application in person or through a representative to the Agency for the Development of Public Services or to a Georgian diplomatic/consular office abroad. It is also important to prepare for the process by familiarizing oneself with the Georgian language, history, and law, as passing an exam on these topics is a requirement for obtaining Georgian citizenship.

Essential Documents Required for Citizenship Application

The process of obtaining or retaining Georgian citizenship requires the submission of certain documents and the completion of specific procedures. 

For individuals born abroad, a copy of their birth certificate is necessary, and for adolescents, written consent from their parents or legal representatives is also required. An application form must be completed, accompanied by a 3×4 photo and proof of payment for the service fee. 

Additionally, there may be additional documents required depending on the type of citizenship being sought, which can be assisted by specialists.

Proposed changes to the citizenship procedure have been widely discussed but not yet implemented. One such change would require individuals to pass an exam on Georgian language, law, and history before applying for citizenship. If unsuccessful, they would have a reduced timeframe of six months to submit a new application.

In conclusion, acquiring Georgian citizenship may present certain challenges, but it is attainable provided that the legal prerequisites are met. It is crucial to adhere to all the intricacies involved in the process. Additionally, it is important to differentiate between Georgian citizenship and tax residency, as these two notions are not always interconnected. While obtaining citizenship can offer numerous advantages, it is imperative to acknowledge the corresponding responsibilities that come with it, including compliance with the country’s laws. 

Ultimately, obtaining Georgian citizenship requires due diligence and a thorough understanding of the legal framework.

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