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Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Amendments in Labour Migration Law of Georgia 


The recent amendments to the Georgian Labour Migration Law have introduced a mandatory requirement for all foreign nationals employed by Georgian enterprises to be registered on a newly established labour migration information portal. This obligation applies to all legal entities, including individual entrepreneurs and limited liability companies, and non-compliance with the registration requirement within the prescribed period will result in penalties ranging from 1,000 lari to three times the original amount for repeat violations. 

It is important for Georgian employers to note that the employment of a foreigner without a residence permit is only permissible if the foreigner is legally present in Georgia, has concluded an employment contract with the local employer, and has been registered in the unified immigrant database. Furthermore, effective September 1, 2023, employment contracts with foreign nationals must be concluded in writing and for a specified duration.

In addition to the registration requirement, local employers are also obliged to register any newly hired labour immigrants within 30 calendar days of concluding an employment contract with them. The employer must also display information about any early termination or extension of the contract in the unified database. Non-compliance with these obligations may result in appropriate legal liability.

Finally, it is important to note that from September 1, 2023, an immigrant visa or work residence permit will only be issued to a citizen of a foreign country based on their registration in the new unified database. This means that an additional certificate will need to be included in the standard package of documents required for obtaining such permits.

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