Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

Corporate and Administrative Legal Service Providers

The Fine Line: Why You Should Be Cautious When Approaching Legal Service Providers at the House of Justice


The Fine Line: Why You Should Be Cautious When Approaching Legal Service Providers at the House of Justice



There are individuals who seek alternative solutions to their legal issues before seeking the services of professionals in the field at point. One such option is to approach legal service providers at the entrance of the Justice House, who offer consultations and assistance with legal entity registration and banking for an additional fee. However, it is important to exercise caution when utilizing these services.

Thinking About the Possible Outcome Before Hiring Individuals at the Entrance of Justice House.

While there may be individuals offering various services at the entrance of the Justice House, not all of them are professional lawyers and may not have the necessary qualifications to provide legal support. Engaging with such individuals can result in wasted time and money.

Consider the potential consequences before hiring individuals outside of the Justice House who offers lower service fees.

Here are 8 reasons why it’s important to think carefully before doing so:

1. Concluding Transaction - Abide by the Terms of the Legal Service Agreement

When signing a legal service contract with an official legal company, clients have a guarantee that the company will accurately fulfil the requirements prescribed in the contract. This is the very first and most important thing. Our company clearly prescribes any step that we will have to take with the client on the service. Therefore, even if one agrees to hire a lawyer standing in front of a Justice House, it is important to make sure that this lawyer will provide a contract that spells out their obligations to the client.

2. Officially Registered Legal Service Provider = Legitimate Business

The fact is that in Georgia, legal and consulting services do not fall under the 1 % small status structure of an Individual Entrepreneur. If a person is going to provide the services, he has to obtain the  Standard IE under a tax rate of 20 % or the LLC with the tax burden of 15/5 % taxes (income tax and dividend tax). It is unlikely that “local lawyers” offering their services in front of the Justice House are registered as legal entities, which is why their service cost is relatively low. However, it is also unlikely that they are happily taxing their income under the 20% rate.

3. Highly Qualified Professionals

It is unlikely that professionals will approach potential clients on the street to distribute flyers or business cards, even if they are qualified specialists stationed near the House of Justice. While some companies may have representatives present to expand their audience, we prefer to focus on providing quality service while respecting personal boundaries and ensuring client comfort. Therefore, we do not support aggressive marketing tactics.

4. Transparency of Pricing Policy - Fixed Prices

Official companies typically have a set price list that is publicly available on their website. Our service prices are transparent and accessible to the public- on the website, unlike some of our competitors. Very often legal service providers do not include government fees in their pricing, resulting in unexpected costs for the client. While some individuals may sell legal addresses near the Justice House, it is best to choose a company with a clear pricing policy to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises. At our company, we believe in transparency and strive to provide quality service that is worth the value.

5. Transparent Pricing for Legal Address Services - Permanent Bases with Correspondence Reception in the City

The provision of legal address services with permanent bases and correspondence reception in the city is characterized by transparent pricing. Certain companies offer indefinite legal addresses, while others provide them for a fixed period of one year. Regardless of the duration, clients are assured that their legal entities will not be expelled from the address within a short period. Additionally, these companies provide addresses in urban areas as opposed to rural or suburban regions. This enables clients to receive letters, notices and parcels at the designated address.

On the other hand, legal addresses offered by individuals working right in front of the Justice House are often situated in remote areas whose names are familiar only to locals. Consequently, it is improbable that clients will be able to utilize these addresses for receiving correspondence.

6. A Diverse Set of Services to Address all Customer Needs and Concerns

An extensive suite of services is accessible to effectively address the multifaceted requirements and apprehensions of clientele. In the official realm, a business is equipped with an organized office setting, a competent workforce, an extensive range of supportive amenities, and a broad scope of operations. However, unskilled individuals may only provide limited assistance in a specific area, and it is improbable for such individuals to fulfil all the client’s demands proficiently without further inquiry. This necessitates the involvement of a cohesive team. Our own experience has demonstrated the arduousness of operating as a one-man show, particularly in the legal domain. To ensure optimal performance and prompt execution, multiple personnel are required.

7. Qualified Advice

A company is tasked with providing sound advice to its clients, which carries both legal and ethical implications. If incorrect advice is given, it can have negative consequences for both parties involved. In such cases, a complaint can be lodged with the police, supported by evidence of the service provided (such as a contract, invoice, or payment receipt).

In contrast, an individual providing services just at the entrance of Justice House may not always offer a guarantee of 100% trustworthiness. In the event of a mistake, clients may not have the option to leave a review on platforms like Google. Instead, they would need to report the incident to the police, which can be more challenging without additional evidence of the service provided.

8. Measure Twice, and Cut Once

Drawing from our experience, we have encountered numerous clients who initially attempted to register their legal entity on their own or with the assistance of the individualss always available at the entrance of Justice House. However, they eventually returned due to serious errors that arose. These errors include incorrectly filled tax portal cabinets, submitting applications for the wrong type of activity or missing deadlines, and registering legal entities with significant mistakes in their data. Correcting these mistakes can be more challenging and costly, especially if the client is located in another country or continent.

Our sincere desire is to protect our clients from such situations. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to return to Georgia and register the legal entity with a personal presence rather than doing it remotely.


At last, all we have to say is – DO NOT save money and time on your business.

Of course, we do not call for spending thousands on business registration. The suggestion is to approach the issue of registration and further business maintenance in detail. Explore the market, understand who can create pleasing conditions, and only then make a decision.

After all, we are here for you and ready to provide full support, give you a sense of legal security and close all your questions from the beginning.